The Regulation amending the Electricity Market License Regulation has been published in the Official Gazette numbered 29571 on 23 December 2015 and brought a few significant changes, as summarized below:

  • The license can be transferred with the approval of the Authority in case of a merger, acquisition, demerger and establishment of a However, until obtaining the license, excluding the reasons for inheritance and bankruptcy, the pre-licensee legal entity can not directly or indirectly change its partnership structure, make share transfer or any transaction resulting to the share transfer,
  • For all applications for renewable energy the environment impact assessment report is required excluding the wind power plants with installed power below 50 MW, bringing and using geothermal resource with thermal capacity below 20 MW, solar energy plants with installed power below 10
  • The other applications for the place primarily assigned by the International Agreement shall be rejected.
  • Primary license investment activities are determined as follows: Underground storage, oil refinery, LNG storage and liquefaction
  • In the event that the General Directorate of Renewable Energy gives adverse opinion in the technical evaluation report, the application will be directly rejected;
  • In case of deficiency in pre-license applications regarding the wind and solar energy, the application will be considered undone instead of extension of time;
  • In case of a change of installed power in the renewable energy production plants, the procedure for the modification of license is simplified;
  • The list of required documents for the applications regarding the new license, the modification of license, the new pre-license, the modification of pre-license is enlarged and the period for notifying the increase of the plant capacity is extended;
  • If the production plant is not completed in time, the production license may be annulled;
  • The scope and conditions are determined regarding the obligation for obtaining pre-license before the investment;
  • Excluding the organized industrial zones, the licensees who conduct an activity with tariff subject to regulation, are obliged to prepare annual activity report for the previous year, publish it in their own website and submit it to the Authority;
  • The modifications concerning the extension of the facility competition period, a modification fee shall be paid in the amount of license fee for that year;
  • Besides of market operation, the market operation license holders are obliged to make observations and prepare reports on the