İnopra is a full service legal firm based in Istanbul that offers with its multi-jurisdictional capability, innovative solutions to the legal and business challenges arising from today`s evolving global markets.

With its international team comprising of experts coming from a diverse range of backgrounds such as economics, law and engineering, Inopra pursues a client focused strategy to ensure that the business needs of its clients are met with the necessary foresight, expertise and diligence.

Inopra's goal is to provide value for each client by providing precise solutions to the client’s respective business needs by due consideration of the relevant legal and regulatory environment, market realities and strategic pathways.

Inopra advises and represents leading global corporations, growing and middle market companies, capital market participants and entrepreneurs in many major industry groups as well as public sector entities, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations and individuals.

What We Value?

As business opportunities grow and develop in scale and complexity, relationships built on accountability and collaboration are essential more than ever.

Inopra's success as a legal firm is based on our ability to help our clients with their legal and business objectives on a dynamic and cost-effective basis. We earn the trust, confidence and respect of our clients by adhering to five primary core values:

- Collaboration within the firm across practices to provide integrated services to our clients
- Tailored solutions by our Lawyers and Experts in Finance and Engineering
- Commitment to our clients for meeting and exceeding their expectations
- Innovative and pragmatic strategies for anticipated changing needs of our clients
- Highest Integrity and excellent legal services

Inopra is pursuing a client-focused strategy to ensure that it has and continue to develop "experts" in specific fields who can provide greater value because of their deep knowledge. Our goal is to provide the highest legal services for each client, which includes knowledge of existing laws and issues on the horizon; significant experience with key regulators and their processes to anticipate issues in advance and develop strategies to avoid or minimize those regulatory obstacles; and access to a wide range of other experts, in the field of finance, banking and others, that may need to be called in for a client.

Inopra's goal is to offer trusted and valuable expertise in a long-term relationship to its clients.